Sunday, July 17, 2016


1- take 3 showers a day (Alexander the Great used to take many baths a day)

2- Do not drink alcohol

3- drink some coffee only in moderation, before reading

4- Do not work in excess as trying to earn more money, this will burn you an excess of calories=energies

5- Do not socialize in excess, try to stay away from the crowds.  Crowds are mind-controlled slaves, and have slave mentality.  Even the French philosopher La Bruyere claimed that all the problems of mankind are caused by humans not being able to be alone most of their time

6- This tip is very important in order to evolve into a more powerful person, into the superman.  Try as much as you can to be friendly, loving, cooperative, positive, with every one you meet, even with strangers.  In United States and in many other countries people are taught and have this idea, that they should only worry about their own selves and families, and despise everybody else, and reject any social contact, eye contact with members of outside of their families and groups.  That worldview is wrong, anti-scientific, irrational, counter-productive and leads to negative consequences. Because of the fact that we live in a social world, and there is no literally no way to hider our selves in a cave, in a coocoon and hide from people. We must accept the reality that we are close to people, and that we should work with people, so in order to win the hearts and minds of the crowds, do not try to fight against the crowds and do not try to hate people and crowds.  Try instead to love everybody like if they were your own family.  That leads to wealth, power happiness and progress.  Take a look at the personal behaviour patterns of the winners, the great leaders in USA like Obama, Mitt Romney, Bill Gates and Donald Trump you never see them despising people, hating people, being angry at people the average joes and janes in the streets are.  In order to be a winner like Obama and Donald Trump, we must imitate the personal lives of the winners.  So be friendly, loving, smile with everybody you see.  At first it will be hard because in USA people are not educated by schools, parents and institutions to be loving, outgoing and friendly with strangers. But if you want to be a superman, a winner, an achiever, a leader, you must imitate the behaviour of the winners, which is being full of generosity, friendliness, cooperativeness, solidarity and sympathy with friends, strangers and even with enemies.  And you will see how you will rule the world 

7- Poverty and living on a very limited low income is a destroyer of dreams toward being a better person.  You'll need a decent amount of money in order to evolve into a superman, you'll need money for the supplements, the diet, the books and to prevent stress. Stressful situations like the permanent stress felt by the great majority of low-income people is an impediment for anybody who would like to evolve into a perfect great human being

8 -If you are overweight, try to see a Professional weight loss doctor. Overweight problems causes physical ugliness, and physical ugliness, kills and decreases the will to meaning, the will to power, happiness and motivation.  What ever the media says about obesity not being a problem.  And that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is not true at all. Being ugly and fat is wrong, evil and counterproductive. If you are overweight, you can follow the exercise routine and the diet written in part # 1 of this pamphlet and just trim the calories to suit your needs. The basic keto diet is a diet of 1600 calories diet so that diet can work to lose weight

9- If you have a physical problem, try to fix it with diets, plastic-surgery and over-training, get a home-gym equipment, get into bodybuilding, join a gym or get an aesthetic doctor, doctor, a healthy and awesome physicality is the first ingredient to become a superman. Remember you need to have a great physical appearance like the movie celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Christian Bale in order to stand above the shy and ugly crowds.  Most great leaders, great women of history and today are handsome, beautiful.  Physically attractive.  What ever the preachers of morality tell you, that physical attractiness is not necessary.  That is not true at all. A great beauty, a great body, a perfect body is a must in order to evolve into the superman

10- Do not tell others about your plans of evolving into a superman

11- This is very important: When you shop at any Wal Mart, any supermarket, any store and you are close to the sheeple, to the brainwashed grunge slaves, wear dark sunglasses. Don't let the slaves get into your soul, don't let them be curious about what you are thinking.

12- Feel good around politicians and priests, church-pastors, brahmans, muslim priests, or rabbis, because these type of men have faith in historical events.  As opposed to the mind-controlled slaves, to the average joes and janes, that despise history, hate history and think that history is irrelevant.  Napoleon Bonaparte who was a superman said that people who don't know history, will not make history.  So remember, knowledge of history is a must.  That's why in the part # 2 devoted to the mind and soul, there are many books about world history, the ancient Greeks, ancient Romans etc.

13- Do not feel bored, boredom kills the will, motivation, goal-oriented behaviour and doparminergic drive.  Do not be iddle, iddleness, doing nothing destroys goal-oriented behaviour, kills motivation. 

14- Have a daily schedule, do every thing by schedule and routine.

15- Practice the art of simulation, and lying. Try too appear very sympathetic, friendly, loving, helpful, cooperative, willing to help others, humble just like most politicians Mitt Romney and President Obama, look how loving and friendly they look on the outside even though their actions, like the neoliberalism privatization of public services (Austerity measures) are negative for the majority of americans.   In order to be a great man you have to appear to the eyes of others like a Jesus Christ, a real nice person. Never get mad and angry with others.  Simulate your actions.  The world out there is a stage and we are supposed to be great simulators, great actors. Act good in front of others, try to deceieve others as much as you can ;->

16- This tip is very important, according to Nietzsche in the book "Use and Abuse of history for Life" there are many people in the world who are very negative rude, mean, stupid, negative and barbaric.  This might sound elitist, but we must be realists, truth-tellers, and not negators of what we see with our own eyes.  Having said all this, the tip is not to hang around with very negative people, with corrupt, immoral, toxic individuals, specially people who are so negative, so pessimists who suffer from self-deating personality disorder (Self-destructive).  This might sound elitist, but this is just the way it is.  This tip is related to a video of church pastor Joel Osteen below urging people to get away from toxic individuals and to try as much as you can to be happy all the time, with friends, strangers and even with enemies. This tip is also related to the philosophy of Jesus Christ of loving enemies.  And to one of the main laws of the book "48 Laws of Power" written by Dr. Robert Greene.  Robert Greene claims that losers, negative and very pessismist people can infect others with their negativity.  And according to the theory of emotional contagion, the mental states of the people close to us, wether those mental states and emotions are positive or negative, happiness or sadness can infect us in a powerful way.  So remember reject and stay away from negative, pessimist toxic individuals.

17-  From a physiological point of view, it is at rest that we become more mentally and physically powerful.   In USA people are educated and mind-manipulated into thinking that the more people work, the more active people are, the better they will be.  That's totally wrong.  In fact the aristocratic upper classes do not really work at all, they let the oppressed workng classes, create wealth and do their physical domestic labor for them.  Smart powerful great men of history and today embrace resting and despise any activity like cooking, lawn mowing, domestic chores.  Because any of those activities destroy nobility and aristocratic values.  So take 1 or 2 days of the week to sit and rest as much as you can. A whole day sitting and laying in bed will make you feel, lethargic, sluggins and heavy but next day you'll feel stronger.  Don't emulate the stupid self-destructive pro-labor behaviour of the great majority of slaves

18- This is a very important tip, try to be happy and positive all the time. And do not hang around negative sad losers.  Negative people can't be helped.  It is impossible to rescue somebody from their low-life behaviour and life.  

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